I have a bubble right in the middle of the floor! This is totally unacceptable. I had to do it, yep, I had to straighten it out. So, here is the repair job in progess…

Ha ha, my polyurithane can is my paper weight!

Ha ha, my polyurithane can is my paper weight!

This is as close to the poly getting on the floor today as it is going to get.  😦
Now what am I going to do with myself all day long? I was prepared to apply the top coat and then possibly work on my window seat..100_1167

I was toying with the idea of doing a basket weave on the plywood with the contractors paper. I even thought about using food coloring to stain the paper and piece it like a quilt, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. I could spray paint the pallets for the sewing room walls, but it is cold and wet outside. Yes we have a garage, but then I’d need to build a fire in the woodstove, and I’m just not feeling that one today!
I could clean all those dust bunnies off the beams in the livingroom..uugggg! 100_1168
Honestly, I think the spiders have a trapeze show going on up their! But, I don’t think I want to climb that dang 12 foot ladder all afternoon…sigh. I believe I’m just dissappointed about the bubble.
And then there is Pintrest, yes, I had to look at Pinterest today. What did my wondering eyes behold that so captivated me? THIS….ff3634afe2a54f1906141d0d6a88c1b7[1]

I can do that!!! If I could get to a sewing machine…sew, after alot of begging my wonderful husband,100_0729

a corner was cleared and wala, I have access to a machine!!100_1169
Now I really want to sew this and incorportate this little beauty into my sewing room, but as I sit here typing, the basket weave window bench is amusing my whimsy. So what will I do today? I don’t know, I guess you’ll have to wait until tomarrow to see.
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