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I'm just a small town girl that enjoys sewing and crafting.


Well, the basket weave was a bust…
I definately had the cart in front of the horse on this one. After spending 3 hours cutting and weaving paper, I discovered I had cut a major corner. You see, my thought was to weave it and then paste it down. The weave was super cool, but the idea wasn’t. ūüė¶
After spending all that precious time weaving, I couldn’t keep it together neatly with the sticky plywood, thus, I had failed. But keeping Eistien in mind…I had learned how not to do it!!! But still I felt very defeated, so with that my husband came to the rescue. ūüôā
You see, I have been vehicleless for a month because my youngest son was in dire straights. His car was in need of major repair, and with a new baby, it was going to have to wait. So, da ta da, Mom to the rescue, I lended him my wheels leaving me stranded.
Well….I am happy to say my wheels have returned home!!!
Now, realizing I was definiately suffering from severe cabin fever, my hubby insisted I get out of the house! He gave me $35 and said go get out of the house!
So, what does a silly girl like me do with $35? Thrift shopping!!! What could be better than spending a few hours sifting through someone elses throw-aways, I ask you? Nothing!
My hunt was for old shelves to imbellish that neat pallet organizer that is on my horizon, but sadly there were none to be found. Still, the outing wasn’t a bust. I spent my money wisely…
After talling up my booty, I found: a center support hinge, an old clock with working element, coasters (needed badly), a replica copy of the Declaration of Independance, a ugly old paint by numbers pic with a wonderful wood frame, and material—flannel, christmas print, & upholstry! OH THE GLORY!! But wait, in my travel to pick up some cheap shower hooks at Dollar General, I happened upon two perfect bath pictures, and they were buy one get one half off!!! This was a good day!
Now, I returned to the homestead full of anticipation for the projects I would begin. My first order of business was to apply a second coat of poly to the floor…
Looks good.
Then this wonderful clock needed to be turned into…
my version of that wonderful button clock I had seen on Pintrest…
Thank you, Martha Stewart!
The process was quite simple, unless your me…impatient, I hurried it along without my glue gun (It’s buried in my mess of construction) so, I used Gorilla Glue. FYI, read the directions on the bottle, the glue expands. It turned out alright. As you can see, I changed my mind on the clock pic and used my spools of thread fabric. It just so happend to be on top of a pile of fabric and caught my eye. Since the fuseable interface and iron were close at hand and it seemed more appropriate, I used it.
The final touch was to paint the clock hands white. I love it!!!
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I have a bubble right in the middle of the floor! This is totally unacceptable. I had to do it, yep, I had to straighten it out. So, here is the repair job in progess…

Ha ha, my polyurithane can is my paper weight!

Ha ha, my polyurithane can is my paper weight!

This is as close to the poly getting on the floor today as it is going to get.¬† ūüė¶
Now what am I going to do with myself all day long? I was prepared to apply the top coat and then possibly work on my window seat..100_1167

I was toying with the idea of doing a basket weave on the plywood with the contractors paper. I even thought about using food coloring to stain the paper and piece it like a quilt, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. I could spray paint the pallets for the sewing room walls, but it is cold and wet outside. Yes we have a garage, but then I’d need to build a fire in the woodstove, and I’m just not feeling that one today!
I could clean all those dust bunnies off the beams in the livingroom..uugggg! 100_1168
Honestly, I think the spiders have a trapeze show going on up their! But, I don’t think I want to climb that dang 12 foot ladder all afternoon…sigh. I believe I’m just dissappointed about the bubble.
And then there is Pintrest, yes, I had to look at Pinterest today. What did my wondering eyes behold that so captivated me? THIS….ff3634afe2a54f1906141d0d6a88c1b7[1]

I can do that!!! If I could get to a sewing machine…sew, after alot of begging my wonderful husband,100_0729

a corner was cleared and wala, I have access to a machine!!100_1169
Now I really want to sew this and incorportate this little beauty into my sewing room, but as I sit here typing, the basket weave window bench is amusing my whimsy. So what will I do today? I don’t know, I guess you’ll have to wait until tomarrow to see.
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Welcome To My World


Welcome to my blog!  I am one of those people who always seems to have my cart in front of my horse. It is very annoying, but I usually get things straightened out! I wanted to share my silly adventures, so I hope you enjoy.

I have been on a mission to finish our home that has been at a stand still for a few years, and seriously I decide to start a blog? Yep..really. The past few weeks have been CRAZY. I have created quite the mess as you can see.¬† The thing is…I need to tear out to create something new.¬† I have wanted a sewingroom for a very, very long time, and…I hate dragging machines out to the diningroom and having to put it all away.¬† Seems to me it takes time away from doing what I love…sewing.


So, I have proclaimed war on my home and the battle is well under way.  This is my furniture piled into the kitchen waiting for their new home to be complete. I have painted the walls, ripped up the carpet, and put down a contractor paper floor.


Yes, I tell you. I have put paper on the floor. The floor idea is something I did to my master bath walls a few years ago, but I never dreamed of putting it on the floor, but thanks to Pinterest, it is now on my floor!


It isn’t finished. (Yes, I know the pic needs turned…No, I haven’t figured out how to do it.)¬† I am going to put the high traffic floor finish on it tomarrow and¬† 24 hours later,¬†it will be ready to¬†put my sewing¬†stuff in!!!¬† If you would like to see¬†a good toturial on how to do¬†this I¬†have the link right here.

I decided to lay underlayment board, and finish the seams¬†before I put the paper down and I paid my wonderful nephew to do the job, so that added $110. But,¬†I am hoping to wrap this whole project up in under $300, paint and all.¬†The next step is will be to add pallet shelves… another inspiring idea from Pinterest.

Wood Pallet Craft

Isn’t this WONDERFUL!?¬† Well, I think it is!¬† It is cheap and functional!! The “How to” on it… Thank you sew much SBLC!!!¬†I can’t wait to put my own version of this on my freshly painted walls!

Well, friends, it seems I have some waiting to do, but have no fear, I will get this done and continue to create wonderful things in my new sewingroom to share with you!

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